Our idea?

An idea that was born in Amsterdam and raised on the streets of Copenhagen. PackMack® is a mix of innovation and effortless design ideas, thanks to the brand’s Danish co-founder having a past designing and creating great products for the likes of Nike, Converse and Dockers®.

It could also be thanks to the the fact that the two founders have spent too much time in some of the wettest and windiest cities across the world!

PackMack® is for all of us that are always on the move, for those of us who don’t stop when we are tired, just when we have finished.

That’s why all PackMack® jackets are lightweight, breathable, waterproof and packable.

We have set out to create the best windbreaker and hope you grow to love yours a much as we have grown to love being PackMack®.

Our values?

Honesty Curiosity Creativity

Our Jackets?

They are a reflection of our lives.

For Trine they conjure up memories that make her smile, in particular following her dream of studying fashion in Paris. Everything was possible, even on €20 a week!

Passionate, easy-going, positive, optimistic, dedicated, obsessive, relentless researcher, curious and creative. That’s Trine.

For Tim, having spent a lifetime working in fashion and sport, they have to perform as well as look great and they do.

Our hope?

That one day everyone asks… “Where’s my PackMack®?”